The first week of November, my climbing partner Jordan and I ventured to Spain to meet up with one of our good friends from Argentina. We had all worked together at one point or another at a small ski resort in Colorado. Juan (our Argentinian) was living in Barcelona with his lovely girlfriend, Natalia. On a quiet Sunday we all packed up into our dirtbag mobile, an Audi A3, and headed into the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range. We zoomed through windy roads and weaved between cyclists, who apparently had a giant race to the top of Montserrat, our destination. We gathered all of our gear and started our approach up to our climb which consisted of way too many stairs through the forest, above the monastery. 

We chose to climb Via del Carles, a 5.9 five pitch that went up one of the tallest monoliths in the Montserrat area. The weather wasn't quite ideal for a multi-pitch climb. It was real chilly with some powerful winds. Not a lot of photos were taken on the climb itself because we all tried to save our warm hands for the climbing. 

From the top of the climb, we could see everything all the way to Barcelona. There were a few parties of climbers on other monoliths dancing around, partially for warmth and partially for the excitement of summiting. We ate our late lunch on our summit and rappelled off the back. Our decent was full of laughing and content as we watched the sun set and turn the sky orange right before a small rain storm. 

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Recently I had a conversation with a few friends about the concept of type II fun. Basically, type II fun is when you're miserable while it's happening, but it's fun in retrospect. I feel like I've experienced this exclusively in outdoor adventures. The weather can be against you, you could be struggling up mountain trails, or trying to get up a really difficult climb, cursing the gods for putting you in such a shitty situation. But... when you get to the summit of that hike, or to the anchors of that climb, you can't help but yell out, "Fuck yeah! That was amazing." 

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