I'm Evergreen

After spending a little over a week in the high desert of Terrebonne Oregon, driving into Hood National Forest was a literal breath of fresh air. As much as I love the sweet dry smells of sage and juniper trees, there’s nothing quite like the damp feeling of an early morning in the fog filled mountains of the North West.

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_DSC6270 copy.jpg

It’s difficult to go into journeys like this one without having any expectations. Plus, if anyone knows me, they know I often have high expectations of everyone and everything. This trip has been teaching me that I shouldn’t lower my expectations, but get rid of them all together and try to live in the moment, as cheesy as that sounds.

There have been a lot of moments where I’ve felt overwhelmed in this trip. Asking myself, “what the hell I’m doing?” or “why would anyone care about what I’m doing or making?” Well, the truth is, self, that it doesn’t matter what people think about all of this. This is my adventure and my adventure alone. My only goal should be to go forward excitedly, and hope that I meet interesting places and people along the way (which I have).

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So here we go, the second wind of excitement! A wide open road, new places to see, and the cutest dog copilot I could ask for. I have the song “Low Low Low” by the Heartless Bastards on repeat, and three cameras sitting on my dash. As our good friend Willie would say, we’re on the road again.