Instagram Identity Crisis

As you may have noticed (or maybe not) I haven't been posting too many stories here. This isn't because I'm not doing anything noteworthy or staying away from beautiful places; I just haven't felt inspired enough to capture those places or events... or anything for that matter. I struggle with creation because I feel obligated to stay in the same box. I feel like I have to create images for people -- keep my followers interested via the subjects they followed me for. But... that's bullshit. I'm inspired by so many things and I end up writing a lot of them off because they're not "outdoorsy" enough. While the outdoors is my main love affair, I'm not monogamous to it. In hopes of keeping my creative mindset alive, I'm just going to shoot images of things that spark something inside of me. Starting with my sister on a rainy evening dog walk around Longmont, CO. 

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Hurray for Ouray

Everyone has those special places tucked away in the back of their mind. The places you think of at a certain time in the year, places that hold memories and experiences you hold onto for the rest of your life. Ouray is one of those places; the annual Ice Festival is one of those times. For the past three years, I've attended the Ice Fest with new and old friends, embarking on a weekend full of adventure and growth, always coming back closer than when we left. There's something about being around climbers in such a magical place, sharing stories, snacks, and whiskey. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to put that type of energy into words, it's something you have to live through to fully understand. I'm incredibly thankful that I get to ring in the new year like this, with people so lovely.

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Mike singing Tom Petty's Great Wide Open as he tops out

Mike singing Tom Petty's Great Wide Open as he tops out

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