Blanca the Dingo

In our lives, we meet tons of people and have plenty of good and bad experiences with them. As a social and curious species, we like to explore with other people. Time often reveals that other people aren't always the best companions. Luckily we have dogs. Tim is lucky enough to be friends with a very rad dog, Blanca. Tim and Blanca go everywhere together, she is the greatest copilot anyone could ask for.

Whistle and Fish

 Henry David Thoreau once said,"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after." Over the past few years fly fishing has introduced itself into my life. Whether it be family members dedicating their life to the sport, or the release of the documentary DamNation, which sheds light on the importance of the rivers and the activities that take place on them. What I've learned about this practice is the patience it takes to participate. Learning to fish is whatever, it's a skill you can use. Learning to fly fish is learning a different lifestyle; a lifestyle that teaches patience, respect, and kindness. I went out with Justin Purdy, founder of Just Looking, to document the relationship between the river and man.